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Skintervention Conference 2021


SKINTERVENTION2021 is a tip of the iceberg that is capable of correcting a larger public health crisis and a timely intervention programme to the rescue of Nigerians. The fresh goal for the next decade here is to eradicate poor skin care culture in Nigeria.

It points to another thirst for solutions.
So much of what has been written and broadcasted about our changing society over the past few decades has been a catalogue of woe. In many ways,  rightly so: in many ways, it’s hard to think of any specific or scientific number that has improved over the period.  But spelling out the whole scale of the problem is no longer the whole story.

This clear path is writing headlines. Changing the narrative and bringing the much needed numerical  balance.
The announcement of Skintervention brings a wave of activity among technologists, businesspeople, public health professionals and consumers.

The projected growth of skintervention 2020-2030 indicates that the nation can follow a path for the next decade that is compatible.

The conference provides an opportunity to explore the dynamic updates of the skintervention’s key data insights.

This is one conference to help make a real difference.

c-suite audience

1000+ on-campus representation and

Live global audience

companies represented

Calls for partnership, Sponsorship and Exhibition is open.


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Risk and Data Analytics Expert

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Finance Professional

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Program Analyst Quality Assurance Unit Lagos State Primary Health Care Board

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C.E.O ,Woorergold Cloud
Convener, Skintervention Nigeria


We are excited that you are considering participating in our development agenda of SKINTERVENTION 2021 (university of Lagos)

Your contribution and support are the key to the success of the Conference and the experience of the participants.

Whether you are promoting your company, establishing your corporate message, researching out to the market, increasing your client portfolio or introducing new products, do not miss this opportunity to be an exhibitor at SKINTERVENTION (LAGOS) with an anticipated audience of  healthcare professionals,  technologists, businessmen, media organizations,  consumers and a sizable  representation of undergraduates.

Our platform provides you the opportunity to make a real difference.

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